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Investing In Stocks – How To Triple Your Money Once Per Decade

Investing In Stocks - How To Triple Your Money Once Per Decade
By Most people who hold onto stocks for long periods of time (decades) make money in the stock market. However, there are strategies that will help you make so much more than the buy-and-hold 10% (before taxes). If you want to make larger returns, you need to learn about the regular cycles of the stock market. The Bull and the Bear If you look at the big picture, the stock market has two phases of the cycle -- the bull market and the bear market. The bull market climbs slowly for around 3-7 years (the last three

7 RRSP Planning Tips (Canada)

7 RRSP Planning Tips
By Contributing to your RRSP is one of the most beneficial and efficient ways to both save for retirement and reduce your taxes. RRSPs offer immediate tax relief by lowering your taxable income. There are also ways to lower how much tax your employer withholds from your pay-cheques ensuring that you do not over-pay on your income tax - which is essentially providing the government with an interest free loan for the year. RRSPs are also designed with the objective of long-term investing. The very nature of this type of investment vehicle is such that there is great incentive to avoid "dipping" into your savings. This encourages individuals to stay invested over the long-run and reap

How Much Money WIll You Need for Retirement?

How Much Money Will You Need When You Retire?
Figure out how much annual income you'll need during retirement -- it may be less than you think. The first step in retirement planning is to figure out how much money you'll need each year when you retire. Although there is some guesswork involved, you can systematically think about what your needs are likely to be and then calculate a reasonable estimate of your retirement expenses. It may be a lot less than you feared. Realistically Estimate Your Retirement Expenses Don't rely exclusively on the "experts" to tell you how much you'll need to live comfortably when you retire. Most retirement articles or website calculators say you need 70% to 80% of your current income during