Airline Miles Credit Cards

Airline Miles credit cards allow you to earn airline miles on a specific airline, or points toward any airline ticket purchase. Bonus points can help you earn a free ticket quickly. If you carry a balance on these cards, watch out for high interest rates and annual fees.

Tips and Advice

Selecting An Airline Card

Airline tickets are getting increasingly expensive all the time. Many credit card users turn to airline miles rewards credit cards and frequent flyer programs to make their travel plans more affordable.

Airline miles can add up quickly if you use your credit card regularly, since most cards reward you with 1-2 points per dollar you spend. Most credit card issuers offer additional ways to use your card to earn 5, 10, even 15 points per dollar, such as online shopping sites and seasonal or rotating bonus point deals. And make sure to look for sign-up bonus point offers.

Certain limitations may apply to your airline rewards program, ranging from blackout dates and seat restrictions to point expiration dates and rewards caps. So do your homework, read the fine print, compare credit cards, and select the best airline miles card that fits your lifestyle.

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