Balance Transfer


Discover the BEST Balance Transfer Card

Balance Transfer credit cards are ideal for debt consolidation, as they enable you to transfer balances from cards with high rates to cards with lower rates. Watch out for short introductory periods and higher interest rates on purchases, as well as transfer fees.

Tips and Advice

Balance Transfer Credit Cards: Many people transfer the balance of one credit card to another in order to take advantage of a lower APR, saving them money as they pay off their debt. Others transfer credit card balances in order to cash in on special offers or rewards points. Whatever the reason, transferring your credit card balance may make good sense.

Consolidating credit card debt onto a single credit card with the lowest rate you can get may save you a great deal of money over time. We encourage everyone to always shop for and request lower interest rates. But if you happen to have an above average to excellent credit score, you’ll probably qualify for some cards that are specifically designed for transferring balances.

Balance transfer credit cards offer a lower APR on the balance you are transferring, and often include a low or no interest rate introductory period. Compare credit cards and take advantage of lower rates whenever possible.