Disability Help USA
Disability Help USA
Weaving through the maze of programs available to help those with disabilities and dealing with the innumerable legalities is a real problem for those in need. Get a FREE evaluation today.

Get help from a nationwide network of attorneys and advocates.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Child’s Disability Benefits
  • Disabled Adult Child Benefits
  • Widows Benefits

Here are the kinds of things you may need to know. Let Disability Help USA guide you.

Social Security Disability
– Social Security Basics
– Eligibility
– Medical Conditions Eligible for Benefits
– Mental Conditions Eligible for Benefits
– Filing for Social Security Disability
– After You’re Approved: Keeping Your Benefits
– Social Security Denials & Appeals
– Disability Benefits Information

Workers Compensation
– Workers Comp Tips & Advice

Disabled Veterans
– Applying for Veterans Disability Compensation
– Applying for Social Security Disability as a Vet