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How It Works

Why Try
A better question: why anywhere else? Our free auto loan quote service strives to find you a great deal. Simply fill out our easy form and we’ll try to connect you to lenders that have an interest in serving you. It’s as simple as entering contact info and waiting for an email or for the phone to ring; the service is of no cost or obligation to you.

Are You a Smart Shopper?
Typical shoppers spontaneously stroll onto a dealer’s lot, glance at the number on the window, wrestle the finance guy for the best rate, and drive home thinking they won. Smart Shoppers know better than to fight blind and instead pre-arm themselves with solid data and multiple offers for the most savings potential

Why Our Customers Can Get the Best Loan
Even more than the core purchase price, getting the best deal is highly dependent on the financing arrangement. Our service may connect you with a variety of auto loan lenders so that you can pick amongst them for the most competitive rates and payments.

Will Lenders Compete for My Business?
Our service attempts to get you in front of multiple lenders to find a great deal. We want you to kick back and watch as lenders step on one another to get you a great rate. Here’s how it works: we provide your name and contact information to interested lenders who then compete for your business by making offers, and you get to choose the offer that best suits your needs.

Buyer Tip
The power you possess has a direct link to the amount of competition, real or perceived, that dealers must deal with. Their finance departments are actually the best method of wringing every last cent out of you, and their convenient connection to the sales department probably looks tempting. But better rates can often be had elsewhere – something we hope you discover using our free service.

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