Open Sky Visa® Credit Card
Open Sky Visa® is not a prepaid credit card or a debit card. It is a real credit card voted one of the top 7 credit cards for bad credit by CNN. If you need to start repairing your credit, or if you need to establish credit because you are new to the credit world, you should seriously consider using this card. This card is targeted at individuals with credit scores below 599. If you need more information on credit scores, the article on Credit Problems should help
  1. No Credit Check for Approval
  2. No Checking Account Required
  3. All Applications Considered
  4. Quick and Easy Online Application
  5. 4 Ways to Fund Your Card
  6. Low 17.50% variable APR
  7. $29 Annual Fee
  8. *Charged at account opening and annually upon account anniversary
  9. Build Credit History with All Three Major Credit Bureaus
  10. Your Credit is not a Factor!
  11. We Report to all Three Major Credit Bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian
  12. Choose Your Own Credit Limit from $200 to $3,000
  13. Maximum Credit Lines up to $5,000
  14. Free Fraud Protection Against Unauthorized Use
  15. Build Credit History
  16. Real Visa Credit Card – Not a Prepaid or Debit Card
  17. Accepted Everywhere You See the Visa Logo

Credit Cards for Bad Credit and No Credit

If you have bad credit or no credit and you are looking for a credit card, you may have to settle for something less than ideal. You will likely start out with a credit card with slightly higher interest rates and lower credit limits because your situation is a little more risky for the lender. If you manage the card responsibly, this card type will give you the opportunity to rebuild and improve your credit in order to qualify for better rates and terms in the future.

Secured cards are another option to rebuilding or establishing your credit. Secured card work by paying up front to establish a borrowing limit prior to obtaining the card.