Rewards Cards

Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards let you earn cash back, free travel, or other perks when you use your card. Choose rewards you’ll actually use and watch out for cards with high annual fees or interest rates.

Tips and Advice

Rewards Credit Cards: Rewards credit cards allow you to earn points, cash back, airline miles, or other special awards when you make credit card purchases. Most rewards cards award you a certain number of points per dollar you spend, and then allow you to use those points towards cash rebates, airline tickets, travel, major purchases, and special offers and perks.

Start by looking at your own spending habits. Go through your bank account and credit card statements to determine in which categories you spend the most money. Decide which type of rewards you are most interested in earning. Then apply for a rewards credit card that will give you the highest rewards for how you spend money.

You will usually earn 1-2 points per dollar you spend. Many credit card issuers offer additional ways to earn 5, 10, even 15 points per dollar, such as online shopping sites and rotating bonus point deals. And make sure to look for a card with a sign-up bonus points offer!