Student Credit Cards
Student credit cards are a great way for young people to establish a credit history. Some college student credit cards, like regular credit cards, come with low interest rates and give rewards on typical purchases like eating out or those expensive college books. However, some student credit cards have high interest rates if you carry a balance, so it’s a good idea to build good credit habits and pay the card in full, each month.

Tips and Advice – Student Credit Cards

It is critical for young people to learn responsible credit card use from an early age. Many students leave school with several thousands of dollars in credit card debt because they never learned the basics. It’s important to understand how credit cards work, and the value of starting their adult lives on the right foot financially.

Students, particularly those who live away from home, increasingly need the ability to make purchases with a credit card. But most don’t have the income to cover the bills, so finding a credit card for students with a lower credit limit, parental or co-signer features, and setting clear guidelines for credit card use is important.

Anyone under the age of 21 must now have an adult co-signer on their account, or at least must be able to provide proof that they have a large enough income that would allow them to make their own monthly payments.