TrustedID Identity Protection

IDFreeze from TrustedID provides identity theft prevention services to secure your identity and protect you against credit fraud.

Unlike many credit monitoring services, which notify you after your identity has already been compromised, TrustedID prevents thieves from ever using your identity in the first place by blocking access to your credit reports, so that nobody can obtain credit in your name without your permission.

TrustedID gives you the option to place fraud alerts on your credit reports if your identity is at risk, so lenders contact you before any new credit is issued in your name.

TrustedID provides additional identity protection by monitoring your credit card information for fraudulent activity over the Internet, supplying you with annual credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion to review your credit history for accuracy, and stopping pre-approved credit offers that thieves use to open credit in your name.

TrustedID also offers identity theft and restoration specialists that are always available via telephone or email to answer your questions, help correct any inaccuracies in your credit reports, or assist you in any emergencies.

On top of this, TrustedID protects you with $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance to cover out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft not prevented by IDFreeze.

Signing up for IDFreeze only takes a few minutes, and TrustedID immediately takes all of the necessary actions to protect your identity, which is an essential first step if your personal information has already been compromised.

Join TrustedID today and sign up for IDFreeze to protect your identity and prevent credit fraud.

Most Attractive Feature(s): $1,000,000 identity theft insurance.

Least Attractive Feature(s): Additional steps needed to apply for new credit during membership as a result of the added protection.

Additional Perks: Credit card monitoring.
Stop pre-approved credit offers.
Customer service specialists.
Credit report evaluation.
$1,000,000 in identity theft insurance.

Important Notations: Additional fees apply to CreditLock services that vary by state.
See the application for the complete terms and conditions of the program.Note: The review of this product was updated on 8/5/2009. The information in this review was believed to be accurate during that time. Some information may have changed since that date.